Complaint Resolution Policy

The purpose of the “Content Complaint Policy” is to afford you the opportunity to seek a resolution of content specific concerns. All visitors, subscribers, members and performer have free access to site management to express their content-related concerns.

A complaint should be registered for any, and all content found on this site that is either illegal; that clearly violates our acceptable use policy; or that features performers who have not given consent to appear on this website:

Complaint Review Process

All complaints submitted to this website will be reviewed and resolved within 7 business days from the date of submission.

Complaint Resolution Policy

Upon receipt of a complaint, our policy is to review the offending content and to contact all parties involved via email and/ telephone to investigate all facets of the complaint. Once reviewed, we will determine the veracity of the complaint and either remove the offending content or, provide a detailed explanation to the complaining party why the content does not violate our policies.

Complaint Resolution Appeal

Either party to a complaint may appeal our resolution decision within 7 business days of notification by sending an email to Upon receipt of an appeal, we will repeat the review process and include an independent, third party to assist in the review. Once completed, the decision of the secondary review will become final.

Nikki Clips Complaint Resolution Form